Amber-Rose-Engagement-Ring-1-300x300Have you ever thought about how long you’ve been just “talking” to someone? How you want to be so much more? However they’re lackadaisical. They want to keep you at bay as they test the waters while mouthing FALSE promises to you. How many times have you heard “We are going to get serious soon,” “Things will change I’m just waiting for the right time” or the best one, “Babe things are better when we talking I just have so much going on right now.” If you’ve heard any one of those over the course of dating, this is for you. Let’s begin.

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The title of this post may throw you off a little possible thinking I’m talking about marriage. However, I’m not. I’m speaking of commitment and the lack there of. There are tons of men & women that are ready for something serious and cannot be found. The good ones are too busy caught up with someone complaining about how busy they are, what they have going on and what they wish they could do. All excuses, all lies and all (excuse my language) bullshit stops here.

Granted there are many with fear of commitment, which is understandable. If it is your fear you should leave dating alone for a while. You won’t do anything besides string someone along for a ride that they didn’t agree to get on in the first place. Then potentially hurt them and put them in the same boat of “fear of commitment” that you’re in.
There’s a woman somewhere being hurt daily believing that she’ll finally go from “talking” to being his girlfriend and that their relationship will finally go to the next level. She believes they’ll grow, fall in love and nonetheless get to the happiness she’s had in mind forever. Sadly, that’s what she wants. Her thoughts are fueled by the words “baby, soon we will be together, it’s just not the right time.” In the best case scenario that same woman is reading this right now.


There will never be a right time to love, to begin a relationship. Have you not heard “love comes when you least expect it.” There’s no specific time, anyone who believes that is insane. You need to help him realize how important “taking things to another level” is to you. How important it is for you to be put a step above where you are in his life. Granted titles aren’t anything until you give them meaning. However they are definitely self-satisfying.

If he can’t make that commitment because of some obscene personal, selfish and careless reason. leave. It’s either us or the door because just “talking” will never be enough.

Moral of the story, there’s no need to be on a waiting list for anyone. Commitment doesn’t have any specific time. You just dive in and let your dedication to making the relationship better guide you. It just makes sense to commit to someone who you love enough to wait around for. Just remember not to wait for too long. Now, not being appreciated has a time limit. Go get that relationship you’ve been yearning for. It’s just that simple.


-Devin Cobbs