To conclude BHM, Five Percenter Born King Allah presents pt. 2 of his God and Hip-Hop feature
By Born King Allah

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The following is from a Hip Hop Wired article called “The Gods of Hip Hop, written in 2010 by Dasun Allah;

As rap music infiltrated the music industry,the Nation of Gods and Earths were among the vanguard artists. The World Famous Supreme Team, See Divine “The Mastermind” & Just Allah”The Superstar,” were not only pioneering Hip-Hop radio personalities with the show they started in 1979 on Newark’s 105.9 WHBI-FM, they also created several early Hip-Hop hits. In her study, Five Percenter Rap: God Hop’s Music, Message and Black Muslim Message, documenting that Kool Herc reported a heavy Five Percenter presence at his parties, Professor Felicia M. Miyakawa observed, “Even in the earliest days of Hip-Hop, the Five Percenters were regarded as an integral part of the Hip Hop scene.” The fact that an entire book has been published on the topic of Five Percenter influence on rap is a testimony to the strength of the impact. It has also been reported that two of Hip Hop’s founders Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa personally studied Five Percent teachings as well. The foundation lessons of the Zulu Nation, the spiritual core of early Hip-Hop, were directly derived from the Supreme Mathematics and Alphabets. The Gods and Earths being a factor in the switch from street wars to street jams gels with what Russell Simmons further records in his autobiography.“During the period when the gangs I hung with in the 70’s gave way to 80’s Hip Hop culture,” writes Simmons. “It was the street language, style and consciousness of the Five Percent Nation that served as a bridge.”


Through hip hop music our knowledge went from inner cities to all over the country, and later, all over the world. A teenage nation with no large infusion of money became one of the most influential voices that had to be silenced in order to keep Blacks subservient. So big money people came in and paid for a destructive, self hating,murderous, pimp/hoe mentality message in the music that made rich rappers the idols our young wanted to emulate. Somebody had found a way to neutralize our KOS message using money, music, movies and drugs to do it, however, they could only be effective for a period of time and that time is now up! When you understand the power of our knowledge, you will see how truth crushed into the earth always rises. We can’t be stopped because we carry the word of Almighty God Allah. Despite all that has happened we remain the vanguards for the freedom, justice, and equality of treatment for Black people in America. Need proof? Just look at the type and amount of opposition being waged against us and how we have remained victorious despite it all. For all who don’t know the Truth is Now, Nation or End.

After the 90’s generation became disillusioned with the Gods, Black communities watched our children turn back to gangs and away from the Gods. After all hip hop was making admitted gang members like Baby, Wayne and Snoop super rich. At the same time the government was trying their best to turn this righteous Nation of Gods and Earths into a gang. That meant we now had to fight the government and prove the legitimacy of our cultural path to God. The government was asserting that religion was the only one true path to God as part of their legal argument. So the battle lines were now clearly drawn. We commenced to fight for our free from religion reality of God in the streets, courts and prisons. It was clear the government really thought they could turn us into a gang in both the criminal and court of public opinion. What is also clear is that the majority of the NOGE were not aware of the war our Cultural Warriors were fighting. Most seemed oblivious to the fact that what our Father had built governments of men were trying to tear asunder. So here we are fighting for this Nation’s survival and legitimacy and at the same time fighting to get the rest of the Nation to add on to defending this Divine Culture. We were handling multi-layered attacks and many just didn’t want to fight. They actually told us we couldn’t win because a Goliath government would never bear witness to our reality. Their recommendation was that we do nothing, “let them say whatever they want to about us, that don’t change who we are”. We refused to listen to the naysayers among our own and it is a good thing we didn’t. We have successfully freed our God Centered Culture from the bonds of theological discrimination in states all over this country, actual fact. On October 29th 2013 we got the NYS DOCS to sign off on an Out of Court Settlement and this is one of our greatest victories to date. There are a whole lot of prisons in NY State and by now most of the Gods in them should be able to benefit from this victory. I will be going into greater detail in another edition of The Five Percenter newspaper, but for now please enjoy your newly won freedoms! For all who don’t know the Truth is Now, Nation, or End.