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We’ve all been there. 


After about 15 attempts — having adjusted the lighting to compliment your complexion, brushing your hair to perfection, and ensuring that your eye isn’t doing that “weird” thing that it does — you’ve finally captured the picture that embodies everything that is attractive about you. You upload it, deliberate between the Sierra and Walden filters for a few minutes before going with Inkwell; the black and white filter adds edge —  it will make you look that more amazing. You toy with the contrast, add a image blur, and think of the perfect Drake lyric to accompany your flawless photo. You choose Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even Foursquare to share it with because why not? This is the best picture you’ve taken in your life up to this point, people WILL talk about this one for years to come. You press the “share” button with a smirk, anticipating all of the likes and heart-eyed emojis, you’ll receive for looking so damn attractive.


Then you wait … and wait … and wait … and nothing. You wait some more in disbelief but fact remains the same; no one likes your picture. That “thirsty” follower who “likes” 50 of your pictures at a time (you know, the one that you saved in your phone as “Thirst Bucket”) doesn’t even press the Like button on this one. Not even Thirst Bucket!  Not one double tap, not one heart-eyed emoji.

We all know this shameful feeling. We all know the stale taste of this humble pie.

Vancouver street artist, I♥ has captured this painful reality in his latest piece “Nobody Likes Me”. The appropriately named stencil features a young body holding his cellphone, shrieking at the disheartening discovery that his picture went like-less on Instagram. We can only assume the artwork serves to personify the “inner brat” in us all when we experience this very real, very discouraging situation. Check out more from the artist on his blog and  a full view of “Nobody Likes Me” below, we hope you like it.

– Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)