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Casey Veggies shows some love to his hood in his new visual for “Whip It.” The “Whip It” track is a single off of his recent 13-track Life Changes mixtape. The visual captures Casey in his hood in Inglewood, California riding around to this smooth, relaxing joint. I should also add that about a year ago, JAY-Z’s Life+Times spent some time with the LA emcee and allowed him to Decode exactly what this song was about. According to Casey, the song stands for something a lot deeper than what one hears on the surface.

“I think a lot of people thought I was talking about…just straight up talking about a girl on that hook. But really I was just talking about the world. Talking about having the world in your hands and taking advantage of it. And I think everybody can create their own world. So I think that “Whip It” song is more about creating your own world, whippin’ it, puttin’ it in a pot, and making it stir.”

Upon hearing Casey decoding the song, I must say that I definitely developed a higher love for the track. It’s a deeper song than I thought it was. I love this
video because it wreaks of summertime vibes and is reminiscent of those childhood days where there were no worries. “Whip It” will be on the playlists at every summertime kickback. Casey definitely gets a win for this one. Check this visual out here.


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