Disneyland gangIn the supposed “happiest place on Earth,” Disneyland, there may be a hidden movement brewing right under tourists’ noses. Apparently, while everyone else was taking in the scenes and getting their pictures taken with their favorite childhood cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse and Goofy, there are a sub-culture of enthusiasts that have taken their obsession a step further. These fans have grouped together to start Disneyland Social Clubs, also known as the Merry Gangs of Disneyland. These aren’t your typical gangs or clubs, nobody is getting hurt, but they are quite humorous.

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Each club has fashioned a Jacket to identify their affiliation. Surprisingly, some of these threads are actually quite impressive and interesting. Check out some of our favorites below, and to see the entire collection head over to OCWeekly.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)


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