The White Hat is Back!

Scandal-The Source



ABC’s hit show Scandal returns to small screens everywhere Thursday, February 27th, after leaving fans on the edge of their seats for a three month hiatus! Among last season’s cliffhangers were Cyrus’s husband James’s Affair, Sally Langston murdering her husband, Olivia’s mom deceiving her & being seen outside the white house and lastly Olivia’s dad being replaced by Jake as the head of B613.

The trailer provides very little insight into what is going to happen this upcoming season but we do know that Kerry Washington’s fabulous baby bump will not be making an appearance. Speaking of the baby, Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes threw a star studded baby shower for Kerry and her friends/ family. Among the guests were legendary actresses Jane Fonda, Cicely Tyson and Dihann Carroll, to name a few. All of whom we hope will be tuning in with us tonight to view the premiere. Follow @HerSource to live tweet with us tonight!


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