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While Pharrell was out clearing the air about his album cover, Talib Kweli took notice to the fact that there was a lot of “fuss.”


The seeker of truth, Talib Kweli has been trying to figure out the commotion behind the artwork for Pharrell’s sophomore album. In the process, he’s found inconsistency in some Twitter users’ beliefs. In his rant, he touches on people wanting something from a particular artist that is out of said artist’s character. While backing his statements with pure logic, he easily dismisses the reaching.

With the plethora of artists out now –mainstream, independent, or underground– why waste time critiquing them when there are plenty that cater to your desires? Furthermore, why waste time critiquing them when you don’t support the artists that do?

However, Kweli doesn’t dismiss the notion of critiquing, but would prefer critics to –in all fairness– “hang up your hang ups and check your preconceived notions at the door.”

-Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)

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