After breaking his nose last week in Oklahoma City, LeBron James will rock a mask tonight in his return. 

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LeBron James, Mask, NBA, Heat, KnicksLeBron James will return to the Heat lineup tonight in Miami against the New York Knicks. This may be the perfect opportunity for James to get back into the flow with the Heat against the struggling and distracted Knicks. Tonight will be the Knicks first game since starting point guard Raymond Felton’s arrest early Tuesday morning.

James donned the face mask back in his Cleveland days and he is no stranger to having the mask protect his face during competition. It won’t be a distraction in tonight’s game and we are sure he will be on a mission to dismantle the struggling Knicks with all eyes on him.


The return of the mask for James gives us a chance to look back at some other NBA players that had to rock the mask. Some of these guys didn’t let the mask affect their play at all and still gave defenses a hard time. Others lost production and just looked plain silly.

Lets take a look at a few masked NBA players as we get ready for the Knicks vs the Heat tonight in South Beach.

-Patrick Hazel (@pattywack25)

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