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By now you all should be very familiar with this image. It’s from Drake‘s sprite commercial that debuted back in 2010 around the time of his solo debut album, Thank Me Later.


You should also know that despite the video being pretty recent, the concept is nothing new. Since Hip-Hop began gaining a widespread audience with the success of first-generation pioneers like Kurtis Blow and Run DMC, soft drink companies didn’t take long to catch on. In fact, Kurtis Blow was the first to have a soda commercial in 1986 for Sprite. The relationship with the culture soon began to present opportunities for artists that once seemed far-fetched. One brand even (seemingly) squashed the infamous west coast/east coast beef. Check out the evolution of Sprite’s popular slogans from “Now More Than Ever” to “Obey Your Thirst” in addition to more here today-gone tomorrow campaigns from Coke and Pepsi.

-Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)