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Just when you thought there were enough apps…

(Disclaimer: read this with sarcasm.)
Tired of entertaining boring or failed conversations with your significant other? Always in the dog house for being a “bad texter”? Have no fear, BroApp is here.


Factorial Products Pty. Ltd. has created a brand new app for all you “too busy to text back” young men. Yes. This is a real thing. There is an app that will text your girlfriend for you at the time, location and tone that you choose. Everything on the app is customizable and even blocks the app from working while in her presence.

BroApp is your clever relationship wingman. It automatically messages your girlfriend sweet things so you can spend more time with the Bros. Select your girlfriend’s number, add some sweet messages, and set the time of day when you want those messages sent. BroApp takes care of the rest.
“What if I get caught by my girlfriend?” you ask.
BroApp is smart, taking all possible steps to safeguard the BroApp secret. BroApp’s unique detectors integrate advanced Android technologies that ensure your girlfriend never becomes suspicious of your relationship wingman.
* Girlfriend Wifi Detector: BroApp won’t send messages when you are at your girlfriend’s place.
* Girlfriend Intrusion Detector: BroApp will prevent inquisitive girlfriends from uncovering the BroApp secret.
* Recent Contact Detector: BroApp won’t send messages if you have recently communicated with your girlfriend.
BroApp: Maximizing Your Relationship.

Unfortunately, this genius is only available on Androids (darn it) and can be found in your Google Play app store or even better, here. As a girl, I can appreciate the hilarity of this app and I most likely will delete some photos to make room for when BroApp is available on iPhone

– Shenae Craig (@xCurry08)