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Get jiggy for the spring, trust us.

City Approval is a streetwear brand based out of Los Angeles, California. Taking most of their company’s inspiration from Japanese street culture, City Approval also includes other variables such as hip-hop influences and classic Los Angeles lifestyle. Although they were established in 2011, it wasn’t until late 2012 that City Approval found their personal footing in design, where they felt they were finally able to properly speak through their pieces. This group of your typical 90’s delinquents have continued to grow since then and have achieved many milestones including having their clothes stocked in multiple online retailers both domestic and internationally, working with magazines such as Amped Asia and The Source, as well as holding their own successful events to release their past collections. When asked where their strong Japanese influence derived from, their response was, “Everyone here at City Approval has an appreciation for the many aspects of Japan. From the depths of their city life, to the deep rooted history their culture holds, and all the folklore in between. We’re not just slapping Kanji onto every product we make. We’re constantly reading and learning about the stories Japan has to tell. Those stories inspire us, and basically, we just want to expose them to others while including our own collective aesthetic. All while hoping that those who discover us become inspired too.”

The Source always takes its time to make sure dope fashion brands that interface with our culture are accurately recognized and acknowledged, and today, we’ve got our eyes on City Approval‘s new collection, inspired by its satirically sadistical quotes: “When eating rat poison, be sure to lick the plate”, and its stern, sleek black aura. You can check out another piece of their collection below, and make sure to click here to check out their full layout.