TimTebow Barring a Tiger Woods-esque like scandal, former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow might be closest thing to Jesus. Ok, while that was overboard, the man does have virtues that no mere mortal can realistically live by. Being associated with Tebow definitely wouldn’t put anyone in a situation that they’ll regret; the man is embodiment of purity, well to my knowledge that is, but hey what do I know.

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With that said, how could saying hi to Tebow get anyone in trouble? If anything, it would get them a free pass into Heaven and while former Tebow coach, Urban Meyer may still receive that free pass to the golden gates, he might also face some type of penalty from the NCAA. Last March, the Ohio State head coach was having lunch with family, friends, and Tim Tebow when he received a call from a linebacker recruit Clifton Garrett. The call was very brief but Meyer had more than enough time to notify Garrett that he was dining with Tebow and handed Tebow the phone so that Garrett could say hi and wish him luck on the upcoming season.

Harmless right? Ehhhh, maybe but not in the eyes of the NCCA. To make matters worse, Garrett then tweeted about it.


Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 8.28.25 PM

Meyer did state he wasn’t trying to lure the linebacker, who ultimately decided to go with LSU, when he handed Tebow the phone but why question is then, why do it?

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  • Ness says:

    “..the man does have virtues that no mere mortal can realistically live by.” Why would you put him on a pedestal like that? People live with virtues and morals everyday, smh. Stupid statement