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Repentance-poster-Sanaa-LathanThe Source Magazine had the opportunity to interview “Repentance” star Sanaa Lathan. Check out what she had to say about working on the project, which hits theaters today on Feb. 28. 

What was it like working with Forest Whitaker and Anthony Mackie?


It was so great! I’ve been a fan of both of them and I’ve known them from being in the business all these years, and they’re just both amazingly dedicated to their characters and work , they’re very focused on set and very giving and also off set they are probably some of the funniest people, so it was great to have that lightness when you’re doing such a heavy subject.

Speaking of humor, Mike Epps is normally very comical in his movies. Working along side him, how would you describe his character in this movie?

He is Anthony’s brother, who has had a very troubled past and I don’t know that this is actually in the movie, but there is actually a path between my character as well. My character and Mike’s character actually met first, so that adds to the tension between the brother.

You’ve done so many different genres of movies and you’ve played so many different roles, how was this movie/character different from any other movie you have done?

She is different in that I’ve never played yoga teacher (Laughs) and she really admires her husband and is dedicated to him and she has to take responsibility for him just because she’s a part of him in a lot of mistakes he has made and she has to take responsibility kind of in the worst way.

If you had to describe the movie in three words, how would you describe it?

Intense … well I would just say “ Scary As Sh*t” (LAUGHS)

“Repentance” is very suspenseful, are you interested in doing any thriller/horror films as well?

Yeah! I have no prejudice against any genre, I love it all. I just want to play different characters – fighting for their life, great! If they’re falling in love, great! If it’s a comedy, great! It’s just really about the material and people involved.

You’ve had such a long career, any secrets to longevity?

Just never giving up, that’s part of it, the perseverance, as well as always doing my best and really kind of making my decisions based on heart. I really haven’t based many decisions especially acting on pure business, or money or what this is going to do for me, I kind of based it on whether I want to play this character, whether I want to share this with the world.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Well I’m actually shooting a movie right now called “Ad Inexplorata” and it’s a great cast I’m working with. I have Mark Strong whose an amazing British actor, Luke Wilson and it’s a script written by a guy named Mark Rosenberg that was developed in Sundance and it’s about astronauts on a one way trip to mars, so I’m really having fun doing that.

-Jasmine Clarke