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Earlier this week,  Advertising Age (commonly referred to as Ad Age), profiled how a new and innovative business incorporating trading desks to buy digital advertising targets multicultural audiences.  The new group, a venture incorporating The Cipher Group,  MediaMath service layer Huddled Masses Media, and The NorthStar Group (owner of The Source and Jones magazines and digital properties) is set to build ad supported relationships with publishers whose content attracts diverse audiences so that the trading desk can easily run campaigns.  See the Ad Age article highlighting their innovative approach to digital media and advertising.

David Jones, CEO of The Cipher Group, discussed what exactly makes this trading desk unique from competitors. “We are looking to make this process easier for advertisers, agencies, and publishers to better serve the multicultural users,” he further explained, ” By 2050, the world will be a lot more brown and diverse. Our goal is to continue to be thought leaders in the digital, multicultural space.”


L. Londell McMillan, Esq., Chairman of The NorthStar Group states, “identifying and servicing diverse audiences increase growth and remains essential to building market share; this new business model along with audience extension technologies now creates a solution to achieving the targeted scale desired for the appropriate messaging and results.”

This new group will curate and connect relevant content with a multicultural audience, which would normally take an exhaustive amount of work or networking for individual sites or media enterprises. Partnering with them allows agencies to save both time and money, opening them to relationships that have already been fostered.

“Essentially, what they’re doing is helping people do what can be done but takes a lot of work… The question is do multicultural agencies want to do all this work themselves? says Charles Cantu, CEO of Huddled Masses.  “Usually the answer is no.”

(This story was written by The Source, a division of The NorthStar Group)

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