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Jay and ObamaHip-Hop is responsible for saving the lives of many African American and Latinos from some of the vices that plagued the urban ghettoes of America. Yesterday, President Barack Obama pledged to launch his ‘My Brothers Keeper’ Initiative with hopes of steering minorites toward a path of success.

According to the, Obama called on The Ford Foundation,  Robert Wood Foundation and other businesses and philanthropists get together and spend at least $200 million over a five year period to create and improve programs that will keep minorities in school and increase their chances of going to college.

“There have been times where some thoughtful and sometimes not so thoughtful African-American commentators have gotten on both Michelle and me, suggesting that we are not addressing enough sort of institutional barriers and racism, and we’re engaging in sort of up-by-the-bootstraps, Booker T. Washington messages that let the larger society off the hook,” Obama recently told The New Yorker.