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ScHoolboy Q speaks on how he has more albums on the way, why he really wears bucket hats, and his view on New York rappers on CRWN.

He may not think he’s made it big yet, but the self-proclaimed “Man of the Year” isn’t completely oblivious. Tonight ScHoolboy Q sat down with journalist Elliot Wilson on his popular CRWN series and gave his fans a little insight into his personal life, past, present and future.


Dressed down like always in a TDE hoodie, Jordan 1s and Balmain jeans, rapper Q stated he doesn’t feel like he’s made it yet, and that although his singles were “big, they weren’t hits.” His two biggest songs, “Collard Greens” & “Man of the Year” were written the same night, mainly to get them out of the way because he had originally wanted the album to be single free. “I wanted to keep it real raw,” says Q about Oxymoron. His album which just released Tuesday is already looking to be the #1 album in the country, but that’s only the beginning. SQ-who got his name from a pimp in his old hood and his grades- already has enough music to release two more albums, hinting at one being released in 2016- the LA native has been through a lot and he’s got one hell of a story to tell.

Q kept the fans amused as he spoke on why he really wears bucket hats and how he never meant to make it a trend.  Unlike some of the fans who wore theirs, ScHoolboy wears them because he is getting the “LeBron hairline,” giving them a peak of his fro as he joked. He then went on to say how  “New York rappers act like Michael Jackson” when it comes to their celebrity (or lack thereof), and was relieved when the legendary emcee Raekwon gave him props on his music in an elevator one day, prompting them to do a track together (“Blind Threats”).

The Q&A with the fans is where it got a little more comical and interesting. While most asked him the basics such as who’d he want to work with in the future (Kid Cudi) or who he most wants to chief with (Willie Nelson), others were trying to get put on. “Put everything on Youtube,” he answers- simple. He’s paying attention whether you realize it or not. It’s all about the grind, baby.

The chill rapper ended the interview with Elliott with a nice surprise. Apparently “Druggies & Hoes Pt. 3” is already done, and may be given to the fans for free. Plus he plans to have a “Druggies & Hoes” on every album he puts out in the future. With the success of Oxymoron and a tour that kicks off tomorrow, ScHoolboy is well on his way to being everyone’s  favorite gangster rapper. “N*ggas is too nice,” he says. “Gangster rap fell off the map. N*ggas is answering sh*t like we in the NBA. I give people me.”

Say no more- the album speaks for itself.

Be sure to go grab your copy of Oxymoron if you haven’t already, and see part one of the interview Monday on WatchLoud & Myspace.


-Kairi C. (@_findingforever)