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Scott Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi, has blessed the rap game with eclectic beats, brusque lyrics, and his lovely signature humming. He is one of the poster boys of creativity in the music industry; legit proof that as an artist, no matter what genre people try to pigeon hole you to, it’s ultimately up to YOU to decide how you want your music to sound. Kid Cudi released 5 studio albums (which includes one collab album with Dot Da Genius named WZRD) and he has one official mixtape to date which is how he received most of his original fans back in 2008. From “A Kid Named Cudi” to “Satellite Flight“, Cudi’s growth as an artist is almost impossible to ignore. His original sci-fi themed sound remains present in his bodies of work, but there are obvious differences in each album as well. Nothing is repeated with him, and his production skills have grown tremendously. As Cudi fans, we have decided to give you guys the TOP 2 songs from Cudi’s mixtape and albums.  These are the songs that convinced us that Kid Cudi IS the man and he deserves the title of being one of our favorite artist. Check out the top 2 stand-out tracks of his first mixtape plus every album starting on the next page!

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