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Allen Iverson, Hip Hop, Best Moments, NBA, Culture

There is only one “Answer”

The Myth….The Man….The Icon…


They called him A.I, or the “Answer” to those who questioned if he was a gimmick. Whichever side of the coin you look at it, he will go down simply as one of the best to play the game of basketball while impacting a culture.

Allen Iverson, was a player that defined his legacy day in and day out while embodying a culture we simply knew as hip hop. There are many words that describe A.I such as warrior, leader or even troublemaker, but it all goes without saying A.I was just real.

You cant invent a player like Allen Iverson, he’s a player that has pretty much defined his own aura and frankly, it was merely amazing. Transcending the game of basketball and changing the image and portrayal of the NBA, Allen Iverson was able to affix two worlds that were in fact similar.

Everything from, his tattoos and flashy lifestyle to his on-court persona exemplified the culture of hip hop and we thank him for that. Hip hop’s impact on Allen Iverson and the league was vital, but his hand print on a culture moving forward was instrumental.

In his prime, commercials, rap lyrics and music videos all featured an ode to Allen Iverson in some type of fashion. It goes to show, Allen Iverson was just as big to hip hop culture as hip hop culture was to A.I and the game of basketball. Putting a city and team on his back while bridging the gap between two worlds, it was evident his nickname was the “Answer”.

In respect of his jersey being retired, check the slideshow for his best career moments and examples of his influence on hip hop culture.

Andrew Somuah (@Drewtheabstract)