Transforming boring car rides! Apple iPhone with Social Media Apps

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It seems as though Apple has won the technology race to win over consumer car dashboards. Their new interactive system, Carplay, makes your car Apple operated with Siri being the passenger seat driver. What is cool about Carplay is that it’s a way to use an updated version of the maps feature, while having full control of the steering wheel! That passes the safety aspect. All it takes is for the drivers to install the system on their iPhones, which then connects it to their car with a push of a button on the steering column. Just about every needed feature is available with the exciting new program. Carplay Drivers will have minimum distractions, leaving Carplay to do all of the work for them. Volvo, Mercedes and Ferrari are the first three companies to include the package this spring and more will be coming later this year. Do you think this will prevent reckless driving or promote it? Take to the comments to let us know!



lauren poe (@lo4o4_)