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Arby’s plays their part, lending a hand to anOTHER.

After Pharrell showed up to the Jan. 26th Grammy’s with an enormous top hat as part of his ensemble, it became a topic of everyones discussion.


Pharrell Williams is a known trendsetter and just about everything he does is deemed iconic. At this years Grammy Awards, he showed up in a hat that would lead to comparisons to the Smokey The Bear, the guy from Curious George and of course, the Arby’s sign.

Soon after the Grammy’s broadcast, it was announced that the hat would be sold on eBay for Pharrell’s charity From One Hand to AnOther. Yesterday before the Oscars started, Williams took to Twitter to thank & announce that the hat had been sold to a generous, yet anonymous buyer and soon enough, the widely known sandwich chain responded to him with a snapshot of their purchase.

You can check out the witty exchange between Pharrell and Arby’s below.


A nice gesture from both sides of the party, you can learn more about From One Hand To AnOTHER on their website.

– Shenae Craig (@xCurry08)