Trouble in Paradise

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BBWLA, draya, malaysia, jackie, chantel, brandi, brittish, vh1Tonight on Basketball Wives we witness a relationship taken to the next level, marriage advice, party preparations, and a huge bomb being dropped! Brittish Williams fiance Lorenzo Gordon met up with Jackie’s husband Doug Chrisite about marriage and career advice. All four later meet up for dinner and in which Jackie shares stories of how she and her husband can relate to the stage of the relationship Brittish and Lorenzo are currently in.

Relationships are getting serious for Draya this episode. Draya finally brings her son Niko on the show, in which she speaks with him about why they have been separated for the length of time that they have. Niko acknowledges that he knows his mother did not want to take him away to L.A. because she wanted him to finish school. Meanwhile, Draya celebrates her hot and steamy six month anniversary with her boyfriend Dallas Cowboys Cornerback Orlando Scandrick.


Jackie is planning an upcoming party and enlisting help from Draya, Malaysia, and Brandi. Jackie then meets up with her daughter, Chantel, for conversation. As we all know, Jackie and her daughter have a difficult relationship with one another. While catching up on her daughters life, she drops a huge bomb on Jackie that the guy she previously dated is now currently dating her friend. That’s right, Chantel previously dated Draya’s man, Orlando Scandrick. Compelled to tell her friend, Jackie meets up with Draya to tell her the jaw-dropping news. Before the show concludes, we see Draya denying the allegations to which Jackie then pulls out the evidence on her phone.

Tune in next week on VH1 to see Draya’s reaction to the news, how she handles it and more!