ellen, oscars, retweets, records, celebsIt was more than just pizza night at The Oscar’s last night.

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To state the obvious, Ellen killed it last night. She was on point in every way imaginable at The Oscar’s and even went on the achieved an incredible feat never done before. In the middle of the show Ellen decided to take a selfie and in a matter of seconds had the likes of Julia Roberts, Brad and Angelina, Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper and many more jump into the shot.

Well that photo went on to break a new record held by president Obama for the most retweets in a single picture. While Obama held the record at 800,000 for the picture below when he tweeted out “Four more years” after being elected for a second term.
ellen, oscars, retweets, records, celebs











Ellen has now beaten that with an impressive 2.8 million retweets and counting with her celebrity filled photo. It even went on the crash the Twitter website which The Academy “apologized” for.
ellen, oscars, retweets, records, celebs











Here is the record breaking picture.

ellen, oscars, retweets, records, celebs