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On an NBA Sunday with seven games on the schedule, there were some great individual performances last night. It’s March now, so we have a good idea of what each team is made of. Some teams still have a lot to prove and are picking up significant wins, while a few squads keep the embarrassing losses coming.

Check out our NBA Sunday recap.


Bulls 109, Knicks 90

Joakim Noah, Bulls, NBA, Knicks, ChicagoThe New York Knicks have lost all credibility and are the league’s punching bag. Let’s look at some fun facts at how bad the Knicks have been lately.

Yesterday in Chicago was their sixth straight loss. In those six games, the Knicks have allowed opponents to score 100+ points. The last four Knicks games were nationally televised games, and the last three were embarrassing blowouts. Additionally, two players in Stephen Curry of the Warriors and Joakim Noah of the Bulls recorded a triple-double. Noah is the first center to record 14 assists in the last 40 years. Lastly, the Knicks have a shot at becoming the third team in NBA history to lose 54 games following a 54 win season.

What does this all mean for Carmelo Anthony? He seems fed up with this situation and free agency rumors are swirling all around New York City and around the league. It’s hard to believe Melo will want to return to the Knicks next year after this inexcusable season.

“I don’t like to be embarrassed like this,” Anthony said after the loss yesterday.

Noah finished the game with 13 points, 12 rebounds and 14 assists. Anthony led the Knicks with 21 points.

The Bulls improve to 33-26 and the Knicks fall to 21-39.

Thunder 116, Bobcats 99

It seems like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are finally getting into their groove. They got off to a shaky start after losing three straight with Westbrook’s return to the line up following the All-Star break, but they are getting back to their winning ways after two straight victories. These two are definitely the best 1-2 punch in the Western Conference but will have a tough task making it to the Finals this year.

Durant led the Thunder with 28 points and Westbrook added 26. Al Jefferson led the Bobcats with 25 points and seven rebounds.

The Thunder improve to 45-15 and the Bobcats fall to 27-32.

DeMar DeRozan, NBA, Raptors, Warriors, Toronto

Raptors 104, Warriors 98

The Raptors continue to pick up legitimate wins against teams across the league. They picked up a huge home win against a tough Warriors team, even though they had a tough time guarding Golden State guard Stephen Curry. DeMar DeRozan had some firepower of his own and led the Raptors to victory.

DeRozan led the Raptors with 32 points and six assists. Curry finished with 34 points and seven assists.

The Raptors improve to 33-26 and the Warriors drop to 36-24.

Spurs 112, Mavericks 106

The San Antonio Spurs are still on the heels of the Oklahoma City Thunder for the top spot out West. They picked up a necessary home victory over a tough Mavericks team to keep the pace with the Thunder.

Tony Parker led the Spurs with 22 points and seven assists. Vince Carter finished the game with 21 points for the Mavs.

The Spurs improve to 43-16 and the Mavericks fall to 36-25.

Suns 129, Hawks 120

The Suns are still getting back on track after recent three game skid last week. They picked up a necessary home victory over a struggling Atlanta Hawks squad and the Suns sit at the seven spot in the West playoff picture. Phoenix will need to pick up the defense if they have any hopes of making any noise in the playoffs this year.

Gerald Green scored 33 points for the Suns. Jeff Teague led the Hawks with 29 points and nine assists.

The Suns improve to 35-24 and the Hawks drop to 26-32.

Pacers 94, Jazz 91

The Pacers picked up their fifth straight victory last night in an expected outcome over the Utah Jazz. It wasn’t easy as the Pacers held off a rallying Jazz squad. The Pacers wouldn’t let this one slip because the Heat have won seven straight. Miami is coming for the top spot and the Pacers better keep up the pace.

David West led the Pacers with 25 points. Derrick Favors finished the game with 17 points and 10 rebounds for the Jazz.

The Pacers improve to 46-13 and the Jazz drop to 21-38.

Magic 92, Sixers 81

14 straight losses for the Sixers. The tank is in full effect.

Following the retirement ceremony for NBA Legend Allen Iverson on Saturday night in Philly, the Sixers picked up another loss against another struggling team in the Magic. These two teams are basically done for this season and its about pride at this point. Luckily, they will be in a good position to pick up a top pick in the 2014 NBA Draft this summer.

Tobias Harris led the Magic with 31 points and eight rebounds. Thaddeus Young finished the game with 29 points for the Sixers.

The Magic improve to 19-43 and the Sixers fall to 15-45.

-Patrick Hazel (@pattywack25)