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The Walking Dead Recap: Daryl Dixon The Hero

Last night’s episode of the Walking Dead left us on the edge of our seats as Daryl and Beth continued their journey in the open woods fighting off and sometimes hiding from herds of walkers. Here’s’s top scariest moments!


1. Beth and Daryl travel in silence attempting to keep off walkers when they are forced to hide in a trunk as a herd passes them by. They stay locked in the trunk until the morning. Well you say, what if the dynamic duo were to accidentally get trapped in the trunk? Fortunately, Daryl tied it together with rope. Daryl to the rescue!

2. As Beth scours around for food, Daryl finds and kills a rattle snake and grills it for the two as a zombie apocalypse delicacy. Who knew Daryl could cook too? Daryl to the rescue!

3. Beth decides to walk off on her own because as she tells Daryl, she can ‘fend for herself. During her expedition, she nearly gets attacked by 3 roaming stalkers while Daryl watches her back. She decides since Herschel’s not around, she will disobey her father and decides to head to town for her first alcoholic drink. As they roam through a store, Beth almost gets eaten by a walker and blames Daryl for not being there to help. He reminds her that she said she can take care of herself. Haha. Daryl to the rescue!

4. A clock chimes in the store causing a slew of walkers to attack Daryl and he handles them one-by-one while Beth stands cold and watches in fear. Daryl angrily beats the last walker into a pulp and swipes his face off with a golf club-straight onto Beth’s new shirt. Daryl to the rescue!

5. Beth decides she doesn’t care what Daryl is going to next and she’s going to have her first drink right now–Peach Snapps. Daryl breaks the bottle into pieces and tells her she will not have Peach Snapps as her first drink! Daryl to the rescue!

6. Daryl takes Beth to a real bar and gives her a shot of moonshine and Beth learns real quick liquor and serious conversations do not mix. As Beth implies during their drinking game that Daryl went to prison before, they are attacked by a walker who Daryl decides to use to teach Beth a lesson. The two share an intimate moment that looked questionable for a moment and then share ‘what if’ stories.

7. The 2 finish chatting then decide to literally burn down the house with the rest of the moonshine. Beth and Daryl hold their middle finger up to the flames in unison watching the house burn down. Don’t we all just love Daryl?

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