2014 has shown that graf artists in NYC have still not given up on bombing the system

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This past weekend, fortunate graf enthusiasts in Brooklyn had the opportunity to see something that hasn’t been seen on NYC subway trains since the mid 80s; trains with graffiti.

An Instagram user named @halopigg took photos of a bombed up M train pulling into the Myrtle Broadway train station. @halopigg wrote the following:


I was on my way home from Manhattan late Friday night around 2AM and I had to transfer from the J to the M at Myrtle-Broadway. As I was standing on the platform, the M shuttle rolled in and I could immediately smell the aerosol. I looked down and there were a handful of fresh pieces over two cars. I’ve since found out through Instagram research that I caught pictures of only a few of the six total pieces. I had an extra minute or two to snap pics because the train was at the last stop, wish I could have grabbed more.

The pieces are those of writers LUPY, BOAT, and B36, which is short for “BETA 36”, a graf crew based in Italy.

Below are the pics taken by @halopigg. As the image says, “MTA YOU ARE SLACKEN[SIC]!

mtrain graf



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