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You’re too pretty to be a “DJ” said the infamous Luther Campbell a.k.a. Uncle Luke upon meeting the world renowned DJ Eque at a video shoot. But after hearing her play just one time, he instantly signed her up as his official tour DJ!

Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, CA is, in my opinion, the most beautifully stunning female DJ on the planet – Eque. Haha. She is often mistaken for a dancer or waitress when she shows up to perform but once she starts, it’s on. Eque has always said that her beauty and her talents should be viewed separately. She never wanted to be the best simply because she was eye candy, and it didn’t take long for those talents to shine. Quickly, her DJ skills set her apart from the competition and she’s now been in the game for over 10 years. From doing local and college parties with the late DJ Screw, working with BET, Dr. Dre, Martin, David Letterman, Carson Daly to gaining a TSU basketball scholarship, Eque is all over the map.


“These days there are so many “model DJ’s” girls with a pretty face who buy two turntables and a few hits and want to call themselves a DJ. I take this music so serious. Records and parties have become an art form to me. I study the crowd’s reaction to certain sounds and constantly think about new ways to mix songs, rhythms and beats” says the turntable darling.