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An exclusive interview with one of the next up Sy Ari Da Kid.Sy ari da kid

Sy Ari Da Kid is coming out of Atlanta and he’s set to be one of the next up. A crazy work ethic and a hunger for success are some of the best characteristics of Sy Ari Da Kid. He already has a pretty extensive discography and he’s constantly pushing out new material. I had the chance to have a discussion with him and learn more about his habits, work ethic, and creative process.

Tune in and learn about Sy Ari Da Kid:

How did your journey into music begin? Did you always want to rap? Or did it all just come together?


Sy Ari Da Kid: My older brother & cousin used to freestyle all the time when i was young so i just looked up to them & did whatever they did at the moment. didnt always wanna be a rapper. i wanted to play basketball but that didnt work out how i expected. but i always kept writing alot.

When you started rapping what was the hardest part for you?

Sy Ari Da Kid: Well at first i was rapping about a bunch of shit i knew nothing about. but i had people close to me that told me to start being honest and rap about the life im living. that really helped me. it made me throw all of my other verses away

Have you ever considered another career? If so what? And where do you think you would be without music?

Sy Ari Da Kid: Only basketball. or a daycare or school cause i love kids and i know how powerful the youth and future can be. i dont know where i would be without music. either way im a hustler im a get mines

Would you ever consider yourself an Atlanta rapper? What are your thoughts on the music scene in Atlanta right now?

Sy Ari Da Kid: Well i was born in the south bronx. ive been in atlanta for 19 years and had to learn to adapt to the different culture. so no, im not an atlanta rapper or new york rapper. i feel iim beyond a rapper. i like all genres of music and can create them as well. aint nothin i cant do cause ive traveled everywhere and listen to everybody’s music. i love where atlanta is musically right now. it moves really fast and gives alot of new artists alot of opportunity. its black hollywood though so you have to know how to become apart of the politics

How is the chemistry between Atlanta artists? Does everybody get along? Is there lots of support?

Sy Ari Da Kid: Well for the most part yea. atlanta has more free events than any city i have ever been too. the networking is insane. and i dont really focus on the artists thats beefing and not getting along…they clowns and dont represent hip hop. they just doin it to do it nah mean. i work with everybody out here workin. thats just me. i love unity

What’s your creative process like in the studio? Do you have a preference when it comes to recording or performing?

Sy Ari Da Kid: Well i dont write. i like to just get on pro tools and freestyle till i come of with a good hook or a good start to verse. i dont like creating from scratch with other artists and producers as much as i should. i rather email. i hate spending all that dead time in studio. i also like to record myself it keeps my thought process more fluent. and once i find that one beat like i get right to it instead of going through a 1000 beats.

What’s your next big move? Can we expect a big year from you in 2014?

Sy Ari Da Kid: SXSW takeover. my new single “popular” featuring K. Camp Produced by KATO of SMKA taking all the way off. My project “The Birth”. also joining with Bu & Schweinbeck will take me to the next level. follow me on my social networks and i will be sure to keep everybody updated with my every move @SyAriDaKid . also hit to book any shows for features. producers can also send tracks there

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned since being in the industry?

Sy Ari Da Kid: Be yourself. all day everyday. dont be afraid to change. growth is very key. you cant get new results doing the same shit