The Lord gives respect due to the Shady CEO on Vlad interview
By Tamara El

Lord Jamar, one fourth of the dynamic hip-hop group Brand Nubian, praises Detroit rapper Eminem for worshipping black rappers; only months ago criticizing him after he took home a win in the Hip-Hop category during the MTV EMA’s last year.

In a recent interview that Lord Jamar did with Vlad TV, he voiced his respect for Eminem.  The topic of Eminem was elaborated upon during his dialogue with Vlad TV, as he criticized the likes of rappers Macklemore and Yelawolf because they really don’t know the origins of hip-hop. He then credited rapper Eminem for coming up as an artist who put in the effort to research and study black emcees.  

“Eminem is a different kind of story you know?  He came up worshipping black emcees,” Lord Jamar said.  “So, now he was the first one that white people were able to look up to and worship.  But you gotta look where he–the alter originally worshiped at was of the altar of the black emcee.  He did the study…Putting in that time to do the knowledge to the history that you are coming to.  See Eminem is one of those dudes.  That’s why I can respect him in a way.  When you got dudes talking about ‘Who are you?’ when they talking about me.  Like they don’t know who I am, that’s your fault for not knowing that.  And its our fault for not enforcing that you know who I am…So, how the fuck are you gonna claim to be a citizen of Hip Hop and you don’t know the history?”  


Prior to voicing his views on Eminem, Jamar addressed Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ recent win at the Grammy’s, which included the two taking home a Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album.  According to Jamar, the Seattle rap duo wasn’t worthy of winning all four awards.

“I’m gonna have to say no and here’s why”, Jamar said when asked if Macklemore deserved to win four Grammys.

 “Because how the fuck are you gonna circumvent the creators of the genre–like I don’t know any black people that have Mackelmore’s album.  Not a one.  Nobody that you would call a real Hip Hop–what I know as to be a true Hip Hop fan or Hip Hop enthusiast [of] where Hip Hop truly comes from, nobody has a Macklemore album.”

-Tamara El(@MliwiHakalu)