LeBron James is on a mission. 

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But exactly what type of mission is he on? He isn’t in Cleveland anymore, where he needs to carry the team every night. That is why he took his talents to South Beach. On a two-time championship roster, LeBron James has always made it about the team and about winning.


All of that is still true. The Heat are 43-14, good enough for the second best record in the Eastern Conference. It has always been about winning to James, and he follows through with his main goal as the Heat have won eight straight games. But since the All-Star break, James has been on a mission.

His teammates know it. Current MVP favorite Kevin Durant knows it. We know it.James set a new career-high and Miami Heat franchise record 61 points last night in Miami in a 124-107 victory against the Bobcats. Not only did he score 61 points, he scored 61 and recorded seven rebounds and five assists, while shooting 66% from the field (22-33). Do you truly understand how great those numbers are?

These are legendary numbers. No sugar coating here. Legendary. The Bobcats didn’t stand a chance and faced King James in the best scoring game of his career. He knocked down eight threes and did whatever he wanted with the Bobcats defense as he went for layups and fadeaway jumpers. You know it’s a special night when Bobcats big man Al Jefferson drops 38 points and 19 rebounds and no one bats an eye.

So let’s focus on James’ mission again. On a team with more than enough help in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, James is on a mission for the MVP. He had alerts sent to his phone during Durant’s hot first half of the season. Now, James had made it clear that he doesn’t want to share any MVP titles. Durant better watch his back, because James is on a mission. We know it, James’ Heat teammates know it, and Durant knows what that mission is. The entire league is on notice and we are all witnesses.

Check out the highlights of every James basket last night in Miami.

-Patrick Hazel (@pattywack25)