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Miley Cyrus' Official Album Release Party For "Bangerz" At FINALEMiley Cyrus. We’ve seen her as the precious family-fun, Hanna Montana, we’ve seen her exponentially step outside of her prior role with her infamous, “Can’t Be Tamed” statement. And now? We’ve seen her practically masterbate on stage, pretend to give an actor dressed up as the 16th president of the United States oral sex, and hump/ride a flying hot dog.

The insanity.

The opening act? Come on Miley. Icona Pop? Stevie Wonder could’ve pumped up the crowd more then this poor excuse for a music group duo hailing from Sweden. Just the other day you were partying late night with Madonna and the best you can get to rile up the crowd is a mediocre dance group? The exasperated screaming youth that filled the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado complete with their naïve minds, roaring and cheering like an Ancient Greek fight coliseum as Miley proposed to, “shake her ass” was both an explosion of ignorance and annoyance, as they came flooding into the arena, each and every last one looking like a walking advertisement for Forever21. But, alas, this is Miley’s fan-base.

Prior to the circus that was to come, old school hip-hop music complete with the likes of “Doggystyle” Snoop Dogg and 187 Dr. Dre was played, as Miley did not appeal to her fans at all. Maybe a lack of knowledge about who her fans are? Maybe a lack of caring. Nonetheless, it demonstrated her attempts to popularize within the rap community. Although it is arguable with her “country” roots if she truly has a passion for this genre of music, it was refreshing to hear west-coast classics before the idiotic opening act to come.


I won’t spoil the main act with a foreshadowing of your own experience, but I will say it did not justify the one-hundred and fifteen dollar ticket price, not to mention the one-thousand dollar V.I.P. option. And, all things considered, the botching and chopped up remix of the OutKast classic, “Hey Ya” wasn’t altogether necessary.

But, not all was a disappointment.

She showed signs of her true, down-to-Earth, non-twerking, non-vulgar, non-trying hard to make a statement with nonsense side. Amongst the near-explicit bedroom demonstration of “#Getitright”, and the exposing outfits, she took time to sing “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey, in which she did an absolutely fantastic cover for. And, although midway through she slightly messed up the lyrics and made it known by saying, “Shit, I fucked it up”, she sang a Bob Dylan classic, as well as a few other more mellow tunes. She stated that it was her favorite part of the show, and that it better reflected who she was, maybe exposing the fact that she isn’t really this flashy mogul we’ve all come to know, and that maybe she only “shakes her ass” for the reaction she gets.

And a reaction, she does get.

With each sexual touch, and each outfit change, as they grew skimpier and skimpier, and each explicit term shouted through the microphone, the fans roared with pleasure and acceptance, because this is the Miley Cyrus that they know and love through the media perception.

After getting saddled up, princess waving on a flying hot dog off stage, she returned not once, but twice for a double encore, which seemed staged due to the dramatic firework/confetti encore events. Nonetheless, she showed devotion to her fans with the presentation, and although Miley may be putting on a front with the controversial happenings, the sexual content, and the marijuana chain/full outfit (an ode to Colorado perhaps), she put on a decent show. I recommend you go see Miley display her vulgarities combined with her raw musical talent, and furthermore, go see Miley being Miley, or so we think. We love you Destiny.

– Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)