dipset, thorocraft, shoes, handmade, classic, oxfords, The Diplomats, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Freeky Zeeky, Jim Jones, DukeDaGod,Not too long ago were we blasting the bass and quick witted samples of Harlem’s own, The Diplomats. They had style like no other, bandana short sets, custom made jerseys and a unique way they rocked it. The nostalgia of fashion is back and it doesn’t stop with our footwear. It’s time to bring the Dipset feel to our feet.  Thorocraft makes that possible with the release of The Hampton Shoe Bandana. The oxford shoe is handmade and crafted from woven cotton with smooth pigskin for the leather heel.

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thorocraft, dipset, hersource, shoes, pfw

We’re ready to rock these for spring, with a pair of high-waist shorts, cropped top, big brim hat and a bag to boot. They retail for $126 USD and yes, guys we see you reading, they are unisex. Cop them here.


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