Transformers 4, Age of Extinction, Mark Wahlberg, Movie, Summer You can expect some surprises in the new Transformers movie

You can expect a lot of big surprises in this years Transformers flick. For starters, Mark Wahlberg replaces Shia LaBeouf as the main character in the movie.

Next surprise you can expect is the introduction of the Dinobots. Lots of Dinobots. The movie takes place years after the Autobots and Decepticons battle in which, a down on his luck mechanic finds the scrap metal known as “Optimus Prime”. This then leads into a the battle between the U.S government, Autobots and of cource the Decepticons.

Not enough words to describe how epic this movie will be. Check the trailer for yourself.

Andrew Somuah(@Drewtheabstract)