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This child has the game completely messed up! Let me break the case down for you guys before I get on my soapbox. Rachel Canning, an honor student at Morris Catholic High School in New Jersey, is claiming that her parents threw her out a few days before her 18th birthday last October. Keep in mind that her parents asked that she move voluntarily. The only reason they asked her to move was because she wasn’t abiding by the house rules set by her parents. Her father said this to The Daily Record of Parsippany:

[She] left home on her own accord because she didn’t want to abide by reasonable household rules, such as being respectful, keeping a curfew and doing some chores.

Rachel Canning is wanting her parents to be ordered to immediately pay tuition at Morris Catholic High School, where she’s currently a senior. According to the New York Post, her parents have already paid tuition through the end of the year but they haven’t signed any additional checks since Rachel left.


Now, we were all 18 once. We know how this goes down. For whatever reason, when we all got to be the age of 18, we felt like we were grown and entitled to everything. Some of us might have even felt like our parents owed us something. This is the situation that’s going down in the Canning family.

The thing that’s so crazy about this is that she didn’t even get kicked out! She moved out because she felt like having a curfew and doing chores was unreasonable and unfair. Grow the hell up! She’s taking this whole situation to court, when she wasn’t even forced to get out of her parents house. The mother and father even said that they wanted her to come back!

I personally feel like this girl is spoiled and she wants things done her way, but if you’re in your parents house there are rules you have to abide by. That’s that! I wish I would have let the thought of taking my mom to court cross my head. If Rachel Canning wants to ACT grown then she needs to BE grown.

When I lived with my mother, there were times where she threatened to kick me out of the house. I took that as an initiative to go to college and move the hell out of her house. There were times where I hated how she ran the house, but at the end of the day I respected her enough to follow the rules in HER house because that’s what a child is supposed to do. This girl needs to or needed to be disciplined more. She’s completely wrong and I pray that she loses this case!

“This whole thing is just destroying our family,” Sean Canning told The Post. “We love our daughter. She’s our pride and joy. The door is wide open. We want her to come home.”

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