Lindsay previews her upcoming reality show

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Lindsay Lohan, reality showIt is no secret, Lindsay Lohan has definitely been in the media heavily over the past few years. Many times she has vowed to clean herself up but this time she is serious. She has signed on for a reality show to follow her on a daily basis during her road to recovery. On the show we get to witness Lindsay confess how much drugs and alcohol has been a detriment to her life and career. In addition, the paparazzi, she admits, has also given her a hard time over the years.

Lindsay admits that she knows this road to recovery is the last chance she has a trying to salvage what is left of her career. On the show, we will also witness Lindsay having a sit down with Oprah Winfrey discussing her issues. Oprah on the show will try to help Lindsay with getting her career and life back on the right path.


The show “Lindsay” will air on Oprah’s OWN Channel this Sunday at 10pm. Check out a clip of the show here.