EU, Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, aidMore nations are joining forces to help aid the Ukraine since they stated the government needs at least $35 billion to stop their dependency from Russia on energy. Yesterday, the United States pledged to give $1 billion in loans to help Ukraine’s energy finances. Today, the European Union has interest in giving Ukraine $15 billion in loans and grants in hopes to help their economy. Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso hopes that this loan will help rebuild the economy for Ukraine now and futuristically.

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Ironically so, last year before the President Viktor Yanukovych was outed, Russia had offered the same amount of $15 billion to assist the Ukraine in which the President took and declined the European Union’s offer. The plan with Russia backfired which has caused the havoc that is occurring now.



Now, the European Union is pledging to again help the Ukraine. “The package foresees helping to modernize Ukraine’s gas transit system and providing technical assistance ranging from judicial reform to assistance in preparing elections. The package also calls for steps to accelerate achieving visa-free travel for Ukrainians to the 28-nation bloc.” stated Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

In hopes that this pledge is accepted, the European Union sees this not looking to good for Russia diplomatically and economically. After all, nothing about Russia occupying Crimea seems valid diplomatically and politically. If the aid package is approved, the aid is predicted to be most beneficial during the upcoming government elections in Ukraine come May. The aid package will be spread out between this year and stretches all the way to the year 2020.

Meashel Monique (@meashelmonique)