Stevie J, Steven Jordan, Love and Hip Hop, L&HH, Atlanta, child support, project child support, subpoena, courtStevie J was a no show to his February 25th court date.

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While Lil Boosie has just been freed, another down south star may be looking at time behind bars.

Love & Hip Hop cast member Steven Jordan, aka Stevie J, failed to appear at a February 25th hearing at the New York State Family Court of Manhattan, meaning he could be arrested.  The hearing stems from a subpoena served by Project Child Support, acting on the behalf of Carol Antoinette Bennett, who is the mother of two of Jordan’s kids.


Jordan still owes her over $1 million in child support; he hasn’t voluntarily paid her any child support in over 16 years.

Project Child Support was able to obtain the rights to subpoena all third parties, meaning they can now forcibly obtain information regarding Jordan’s means of income at his businesses, employment, and any and all binding contractual agreements that generate income.

“Each time Mr. Jordan fails to appear, he enables Project Child Support to request what we need to eventually seize his assets to pay the arrears and fees if he is unwilling to do so, without his opposition.  Now that we can issue subpoenas through a court order, we will aggressively begin to issue subpoenas prior to our next scheduled court date,” says Kai D. Patterson who is the founder of the organization.

A new court date has been set forApril 23, 2014 at the 60 Lafayette Street on the 4th floor/Room PT20 in Manhattan, New York at 9:00 AM before Hearing Officer Cheryl Weir-Reeves.

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