Rick Ross
Back in 2008, pictures surfaced of Rick Ross working as a correctional officer. Ross denied that he used to be a c.o., but later recanted his statements by admitting that did work as a correctional officer.

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On “Rich Is Gangsta,” a song off Rozay’s Mastermind album, the Maybach boss address his past 9-5 when he raps, “The Feds tore apart the squad, ni…./That’s why I had to play the part, ni…/That wasn’t me/it was just a job, ni…”

During an interview with the host of MTV’s Rapfix, Sway, Ross was asked about the his position as a c.o.


“That particular line, most definitely, referred, you know, to me being a c.o., that being a job and understanding the grind and hustle and anything else that I’ve done, it’s just a job, it’s a hustle,” Ross said during the interview with Sway.

“And, right now, to feed my family, I’ll go do it again,” Ross said during the interview.

Based on his success in the rap game, Ross proves that quality music heals all wounds and fans care more about the product than validity.