Afrojack is seeking to create a dynasty

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For those oblivious to the music world, Afrojack has broken on to the scene with his remixes of chart-toppers and collaborations with artists like Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and more. But with his next album that’s set to drop this year, the Dutch DJ is setting some serious goals.


In a recent interview, Afrojack spoke on where he wants to take his career. He told them that by the time he’s 30, he wants to bring EDM to where Jay Z has brought hip-hop.

“I just hope I get my shit together before I’m 30…big shit. I already do a lot of balling things but before I’m 30 I want to take EDM to a Jay Z level… like ‘EDM’s so hard mother*ckers wanna find me!’”

This brings EDM into a whole, new commercial light. Will it leave a lasting impression on today’s society the way Hip-Hop has done over the years? We already have a US President influenced by key players in the game. Has the time come for EDM to have it’s turn?

Tony Centeno (@_tonyMC)