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Cover photo: Hawk by Peter Beste (Screwed Up Records & Tapes — South Park, 2005)

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Oooh, we have something special for you today to help make Friday go way faster. To mark the release of his Houston Rap Tapes book, which came out February 28th, Lance Scott Walker compiled an almost 7 hour long mixtape of some of the best Houston Hip-Hop. And when we say mixtape, we really mean a continuous mixtape. He has some help from the usual suspect and photographer, Peter Beste, in creating this mix.

The book can be considered a companion piece to his last book with Peter Best, Houston Rap, or as a phenomenal stand alone. Either way, it’s something all Hip-Hop heads will want in their library that smells of rich mahogany and leather bound books. It contains interviews with Bun B, Willie D, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, Big Mike, DJ DMD, K-Rino, and many other artists, as well as stories from local radio and club personalities, impresarios, ex-pimps, former drug dealers, and members of the community.


You can buy your copy of the book HERE. And peep the complete tracklisting of the mixtape below.

Street Military (KB Da Kidnappa, Pharoah, Icey Hott, Lil’ Flea) “Dead In A Year” (1993)
Fat Pat and Mike-D “Freestyle” DJ Screw mix (1996)
Geto Boys (Scarface, Willie D, Bushwick Bill, DJ Domination a.k.a. Domo) “Ghetto Fantasy” (1996)
Criminal Elament (Ice Water Slaughter, June Bugg, Lil’ Raskull) “Trippin Out” (1994)
Big Gerb & U-Neek “Hongree Mobb” (2013)
E.S.G. “Swangin’ And Bangin'” (1995)
Propain ft. Lil’ Keke “Ridin Slab” (2013)
Southside Playaz (Fat Pat, Mike-D, Mr. 3-2) “Swang Down” (2000)
Mic Skills ft. Kidd the Great “Defiant” (2008)
Lil’ O ft. Beyonce “Can’t Stop” DJ Screw mix (1997)
Devin The Dude “Doobie Ashtray” (2001)
Too Much Trouble (Drunk D a.k.a. Nickel Nut, Bar-None, Ghetto MC, DJ Bad News Black) “Wanted Dead Or Alive” (1992)
Slim Thug “Like A Boss” Yppah mix (2006)
Wreckless Klan (Point Blank, Ice Lord, PSK-13) “I Wish” (1996)
Big Ron “How You Want It” (2006)
K-Rino ft. Bang “Ups And Downs” (2005)
UGK (Pimp C, Bun B) “Pinky Ring” (1996)
Coota Bang & Archie Lee ft. Yung Redd “Real Talk” (2007)
Lower Life Form (Brew, PhD, C.o.S) “Go Rillaz” (2010)
Showtyme “Gangster Shit” (2005)
Klondike Kat “Games People Play” (2006)
Deep Cold & Kamla Punjabi “Kamla Banake Me” (2011)
DJ DMD ft. Fat Pat, Lil’ Keke “25 Lighters” (1998)
Justice Allah “What I’m Seeing” (2011)
Raheem “5th Ward” (1992)
Willie D “Guess My Religion” (1993)
Boss Hogg Outlawz (Slim Thug, Chris Ward, Killa Kyleon) “Living Without” (2008)
380 Dat Lady “Who’s That Lady” (1996)
Lil Flip ft. Yung Redd “Rollin On 20’s” (2003)
Al-D “Why You Hatin’ Me” DJ Screw mix (1995)
H.I.S.D. (Savvi, EQuality, Scottie Spitten, LDA Voice) “Space City Express” (2010)
Gang Society (E-Sharp, N-Sane, C-Majo, Red Amp) “Half Dead” (1995)
Big Mello “Back Do Akshun” (1994)
Doughbeezy “Light You Up” (2013)
G-Rapp The General ft. Mafia Genie “Basemotel” (1998)
Lil’ Keke “Southside” (1998)
DJ Michael ‘5000’ Watts “‘See What I Can Pull (Devin the Dude)” (1998/2004)
Together Brothers (The ARE, Kay of The Foundation) “Ya Wanna” (2006)
Bushwick Bill “Ever So Clear” (1992)
C.O.D. (K-Rino, Dope E.) ft. Point Blank, Murder One, Klondike Kat “All About Dough” (2006)
Mr. Mike “Where Your Love At” (1996)
ABN (Z-Ro, Trae Tha Truth) ft. Hawk “Down In Texas” (2008)
Convicts (Big Mike, Mr. 3-2) “I Ain’t Going Back” (1991)
Billy Cook ft. Trae Tha Truth “That Shit Gone Change” (2006)
Dead End Alliance (DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Hawk, Kay-K) ft. Lil’ Keke “Down In H-Town” (2000)
Big Love “Thug” (1997)
Z-Ro & Slim Thug “Go Long” (2013)
Half Dead Organization (J.P., Lil’ Smitty, Foe, Wood a.k.a. K. Brown) “You Can’t Kill Me” DJ D mix (1996/2003)
Dat Boy Grace a.k.a. Macc Grace ft. Enjoli “Come Ride Wit A Playa” (2000)
Ganxsta N-I-P ft. J Prince, Scarface, Willie D “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” (1992)
Mr. 3-2 “Call Up On Drank” (2003)
Poppy of G.R.I.T. Boys ft. Devin The Dude, Lil’ O “One Puff” DJ Red mix ft. Optimo Ram (2013)
Prime Flo “Dead End Game” (2002)
Guerilla Maab (Z-Ro, Trae Tha Truth, Dougie D) “Fondren & Main” (1999)
Killa Cal Wayne “Take Me As I Am” Optimo Radio/DJ Red mix (2013)
Lil’ Head ft. Paul Wall “It’s Too Late” (2004)
DJ Screw “Freestyle (ft. Sherro)” (1997)
The Terrorists (Dope E., Egypt E) ft. Ganksta N-I-P “Cloud On Suckas” (1992)
‪Beltway 8 Boyz (Moe B., Bubba Luv, A.Y., J.B., Naro, Young Black, Super Dave) “Starched Down” (2004)‬
The Officials (Kaza, E) ft. Klondike Kat, Gutt “Don’t Understand Us” (2005)
Odd Squad (Devin the Dude, Jugg Mugg, Rob Quest) “Smoken ‘Dat Weed” (1994)
Insane Klan (Hollow Point, Bullet Proof, Top Dawg) “Never Fear Death” (1994)
S.L.A.B. (Trae Tha Truth, Jay’ton, Lil’ B, Lil’ Boss a.k.a. B.O.S.S.) “Catch Me In Tha Lot” (2005)
Paul Wall & Chamillionaire “The Other Day” (2002)
Kyu Boi ft. PSK-13, Murder One “Rollin in the Caddy” (2006)
DJ Red “Fuck A War (Geto Boys)” Optimo Radio mix (1992/2012)
Filero “Take No Shit” (2007)
Mr. Wired Up “U Wired Up” (2005)
Crime Boss “You Gotta Reap What You Didn’t Sew” (1995)
Hawk ft. Devin the Dude, Chamillionaire, Trae Tha Truth “Coming Home” (2007)
Grimm & The Southeast Latin Sector “Mexicanos Veteranos” (1993)
A.C. Chill “Ya Don’t Wanna” (2004)
K-Otix (Damien Randle, Micah Nickerson, The ARE) “Frequencies” (2001)
Lil Byrd “Just Ride Or Die” (2008)
Top Dog ft. Icey Hott “Silly Hoes” (2005)
The Niceguys (Easy Yves Saint, FREE, Christolph, DJ Candlestick) ft. Lee-Lonn Walker “Somebody” (2011)
J-Dawg “Don’t Wanna Go Back” (2010)
Radio Galaxy (Spacebunny Jefferson, King Midas, DJ Cozmos) ft. Sam Trump “Passing Cars” (2012)
DJ Screw “Like What You See (Fat Pat ft. Big Pokey)” (1999)
Coughee Brothaz (Devin the Dude, Jugg Mugg, Rob Quest, Tony Mac, 14K, Bull) “Don’t Get Me Wrong” (2006)
Black Mike ft. B-1 “Lord Please” (2004)
Ronnie Spencer ft. Mr. 3-2, Al-D, Sur Este “Way Back” Optimo Radio mix (2013)
Nosaprise ft. Kam Franklin “Hot Nights” (2012)
Rob Gullatte “New Freak” (2014)
Dat Boi T & Lucky Luciano ft. Lil Koo “Lately” (2012)
Hollywood FLOSS “Underdog” (2014)
Herschelwood Hardheadz (Duke, Knock, Archie Lee) “Highway” (1998)
Pymp Tyte (Sean Pymp, Tyte Eyes) “H.U.S.T.L.A.” (1999)
Blac Monks (Mr. 3-2, Da, AWOL) “Jungle Funk” (1998)
Mike Jones “Scandalous Hoes” Swishahouse remix (2005)
‪D Of Trinity Garden Cartel “I’m So Cool‬” (1995)
KB Da Kidnappa “On Top Of My Game” (2013)
Mobb Figgaz (Lil’ C, E-Clay, Q.B., Agg) “Jam Down” (2000)
Big Steve a.k.a. Granpappy Mafioso a.k.a. Mafio ft. Big Mello, Mr 3-2 “Outta Control” (1999)
Fat Pat “No Glory” (1997)

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)