Sad to state another Rapper gone way too soon..

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BiJxQiICIAA5JlR-300x256Rapper, Speaker Knockerz, also known as producer was pronounced dead on March 6,2014 at the young age of 19. Someone identified as the mother (Mesha Wilson) of the rapper did post a status on her Facebook account regarding her son and his location. Apparently he was missing two days prior to his death. According to Richland County Coroner’s office Derek McAllister was then found in the garage of his South Carolina home. His death showed no signs of trauma or injury. Soon after his death, fans took part in having the hashtag #RIPSPEAKERKNOCKERZ trend on the social media twitter. However, county officers are still investigating the cause of his death as they await toxicology reports. Mournful ending for a young man with a bright future. Our condolences are sent to the family of the teenager. Rest In Peace Derek ( Speaker Knockerz ) McAllister. Gone but never forgotten.speaker-knockerz-missing

– Asada Nicome ( @SadaBlu )