ESTELLE1Grammy Award Winning Singer-Songwriter Estelle Graced the Star-Studded Panel at the Inaugural New York Edition of UK Event Series, the ‘I’mPOSSIBLE Conversation’ to Celebrate the Life Journeys of Women of Color with MIZANI on March 6.

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This was the only place that a woman like me needed to be on a Thursday night in New York City; at the L’Oreal Studios in Soho, and I wasn’t getting my hair done, it was more like getting my head done.  Although everybody there looked like they just stepped out of a salon chair, no stylist could ever whip our heads into shape like the celebrated panel of women who were featured in this edition of the I’mPOSSIBLE conversation. Established in 2011, founder of I’mPOSSIBLE Simone Bresi-Ando brought her Britain based social enterprise across the pond for its first international version of celebrating and promoting the life achievements, and success stories of women of colour in hopes to educate and empower young women to stay true to their goals and aspirations. And since partnering up with L’Oreal Mizani UK from the very beginning, this event like every other one prior to was also made POSSIBLE.

Similar to most New York City events that I’ve frequented, one can usually expect an ambiance as you enter complimented by a pour of wine.  The expected panel of speakers entered into a room of seated guests, Singer/Songwriter/Producer Estelle,  SVP of Music and Talent at REVOLT Whitney-Gayle Benta, Beauty-Lifestyle-Wellness Expert Corynne Corbett, Global Language Project founder Angela Jackson and Squire Media Management’s own Gilda Squire, not to forget the gracious host of the night Lola Adesioye all embodied the hopes of probably every woman in the room.  They were ambitious fighters who fought to no end in effort to reach the insurmountable goals and destiny’s placed on their hearts before they drew their first breath.


A tomboy rapper turned singer, turned producer Estelle left London for L.A., and contrary to naysayers found opportunity at a Roscoe’s Chicken where she bumped into then milder Kanye West and the rest was history with American Boy.  Queens born Corynne Corbett decided one day that she was going to work for a magazine, taught herself how to type and landed quite a few titles at some notable magazines, making her start at Elle as one of the first few women of color to work behind the scenes, and after twenty plus years in the editorial business, she started her own non-profit Beauty BizCamp Inc. where she provides exposure to young girls ages 12-18 to career opportunities within the beauty industry.  Whitney-Gayle Benta spoke of overcoming the obstacles of agism and facets of racism within the TV industry which led her to a 10-year career path with MTV News and her most recent leap of faith as SVP for newly launched television channel REVOLT TV founded by Sean Combs.   Entrepreneur’s Gilda Squire and Angela Jackson conveyed their adaptation issues with letting go of that steady paycheck in order to acquire great peace through their own God-given talents of being able to create opportunities for others through different individual measures.

Each compelling story was like food for the starving artist, therapy for the lost, and medication for the emotionally anguished.  Anecdotes of courage and trials was the theme of the night, all of which led up to these women making their marks on the world in their own unique ways.  Although all of different circumstances, these women shared a similar philosophy to never relinquish your gifts at hand, even amidst adversity, internal struggles, the reoccurring matters of shade-ism within the ethnic community and forms of racism that often hinder opening doors.  We are to pay attention to those happenings that fall where they may, follow that gut feeling and push passed our fears; that is the only way to achieve the impossible.

The evening was powered by MIZANI, the professional authority for all curl textures and a division of L’Oréal. AVP Marketing L’Oreal USA/MIZANI Melka Davis was in attendance.


-Sade Graham


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