They don’t call him the GOAT coach and the Zen Master for nothing..

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Phil Jackson, Lakers, Los Angeles, President, PetitionThe last two years in Los Angeles have been disastrous. The Lakers rarely lost a superstar in Dwight Howard to free agency last summer, Kobe Byrant has been plagued with injuries, and the team is taking blowout losses left and right. Laker legends and fans have got to be in misery as they have never experienced losing of this magnitude. One thing is for sure; the Laker fan base is fed up.

A Laker fan has started a White House Petition to bring Phil Jackson back to the Lakers as the President of Basketball Operations. The petition uses Jackson’s marriage with Lakers VP of Basketball Operations Jeanie Buss as a reason why he should be brought in to replace current President of Basketball Operations Jim Buss. The petition also went on to demand that current Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni be fired.


The petition has been removed from the White House Petition website due to violations in the Terms of Participation. Maybe it’s because the Lakers fan base doesn’t have any credibility at all in this situation. Is this what we do when our teams start losing and we can’t take it? Fans start signing petitions as if Jackson’s return would fix all of the Lakers problems, leading them back to relevance and championship expectations? Who even says that The Zen Master WANTS to return to the Lakers?

Come on Laker fans. We all know how great Jackson is, and Jim Buss hasn’t done the greatest job these past two years. The Lakers organization is going through it’s darkest days since they were the Minneapolis Lakers, but true fans don’t stoop to the low of calling for people’s jobs in petitions. Take a deep breath, these tough times will pass.

-Patrick Hazel (pattywack25)