Goodbye winter, Hello spring! We are approaching the great season of spring. All sunshine and rain!  Take this time to ask yourself am I prepared? If not, heres a list of ten must haves guys should have during the spring. The list includes the latest trends and fashion, and it provides you with the direct website to get the items. Sounds great huh? Just take a moment to look and read through the list. Who knows, this can be exactly what you were looking for!

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-Asada Nicome ( @Sadablu )



1. Slip-on Sneakers


These slip on shoes are trendy right now. They might resemble the authentic vans slip on look but many designers are creating their own with little tweaks. Boot cut, straight leg or skinny jeans sit well over these shoes with a short sleeve button up and you’re all ready to go.
These sneakers are available here!