justin, beiber, deposition, lawyersNever say never

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Justin Beiber is giving Lil Wayne a run for his money. Not in the rap or dress code department but in the criminal area that is the deposition. If you remember back to September, 2012 Lil wayne had us rolling with his hilarious deposition. Well Justin Beibers may be equally hilarious. Justin Beiber is simply making his career into a spectical where we will remember him far more for his actions than any of his work. None the less check out the deposition below.

In the video you will see Justin act smug with lawyers and answer questions in many different ways. He even gets confrontation when asked about Selena Gomez saying “don’t ask me about her ever again”. This just adds to Beibers long list of recent misbehavior and by the looks of things he isn’t stopping or growing up anytime soon.