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After a long 7 year penitentiary vacation, Boosie has returned to his family of 7 children (one of which verbally and explicitly said that she, “told y’all n****s” her daddy was returning). An online video too already aired showcasing Boosie’s return to the studio, and return to the music industry, and return to life as a freed man.

With Boosie’s continuous and lengthy rap sheet, the inevitable would be a return to a department of corrections facility, and rumors have already surfaced with details of Torrence Hatch, A.K.A. Boosie Boo being arrested for a substance possession, however those rumors are false. Fans and other members of the industry alike hope and pray for a more than momentary free Boosie, and hope the arguable king of the south (sorry T.I.), and furthermore prince of Louisiana has a solid comeback return to his deserving throne. Here are 10 rappers/producers Boosie should work with while he is (temporarily) free.


– Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)