“Got MILK” that’s what Samsung is saying after launching their new Music Streaming Service called “Milk” which has been Officially Announced for download. Milk will be an ad-free radio service Powered by Slacker offering 200 genre stations that will catalog 13 million songs. No more annoying sign ups or login’s required, this new internet radio service will give you that Old School experience of tuning the radio dial (your parents bragged about decades ago) with its cool user interface which allows you to switch between radio stations with swipe of a finger.
Fully customizable for an easy-to-use experience that fits your music lifestyle User will be able create their own custom stations dial with the genres that are most relevant to their personal tastes and preferences. Right now Milk is only available for the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4, the Note 2, the Note 3 and the much anticipated galaxy S5.

Why the name “Milk” some audiophiles will ask, Samsung response “the same way milk delivered fresh daily so will be the same for our music service fresh and bold music delivery as it hits the market.


CJ Washington (@BKCJ)