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Here goes Bleek again

A few weeks ago, Memphis Bleek revealed a little known fact to Thisis50, about a very well known line spat by his lifelong brother and mentor, Jay Z. Bleek postulated that Jay’s infamous “Bleek could be one hit away his whole career, as long as I’m alive he’s a millionaire” line on Kanye‘s “Diamonds (From Sierra Leone)” remix forever dampened his career, and placed a ceiling on it.


Now, we have a new nostalgic Jay Z-related tidbit from Memphis Bleek, this time concerning a much more serious matter. The era-defining beef between Jay Z, and Nas, which resulted in over-the-line diss records and one of the most feverish disputes in rap history, was, according to Memphis Bleek, started by him.

In an interview with VladTV, Bleek states his “Mind Right” diss record–which was aimed at Nas–was later found to be misdirected, because his friend (who told him Nas was talking about him on a previous record) gave him false information. Nas, never known to back down from lyrical battle, fired back at the entire Roc-A-Fella due to the Bleek record, which, in Bleek’s words, “opened the floodgates” for Jay Z to launch “Takeover”.

Then “Ether” happened.

Watch the revealing interview below.

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