cody sanctified

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Which, in and of itself, is an understatement

For those of you that haven’t heard Mastermind, or don’t care to, or are too busy dancing to “Happy” to indulge in any other form of entertainment, Rick Ross’ collaboration with his good buddies Kanye West & Big Sean, “Sanctified”, is one helluva record. It has all the things you’d want from a big ticket rap record–catchy lines and quotables, an infectious beat, a nostalgic sample, and the kind of braggadocios that makes you want to pull your car over on the side of the road and think of where you went wrong.


But, don’t tell that to this guy, he already knows.

Cody–which is his name, according to the good man Andy at Miss Info–is on his way somewhere as he’s driving his car, and “Sanctified” comes on. I can only hope that the events that follow become the stuff of internet folklore. Happy Tuesday.