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iOS7-1Apple released it’s first major update for it’s iOS7 iPhone, iPad and iPod software adding several new features. The most notable feature is the addition of iOS7.1 Apple’s “CarPlay”, and no it does not allow you to play Angry Birds via your center console. What it does allow for is access to your phone, music, map, messages, and audio applications to be through CarPlay enabled vehicles. In addition, it will allow you to control the ever-reliable Siri via your vehicle’s touchscreen, knobs and buttons.


Speaking of Siri, she’s received an update as well, allowing you to manual decide how long she listens to you by holding down the “Home” button and releasing it at the end of your command. So now you won’t have to scream expletives at her for picking up the rest of your conversation. The male and female voice of Siri will also sound a bit more natural with iOS7.1 as well.

iOS7.1 will help you be more organized as well, with the addition of “month view” for the phone’s stock Calendar app. This feature will allow you to see all of your forthcoming events for the month in one place oppose to the iOS7’s week view.

There are several minor add-ons including bold font option, an automatic HDR feature and improved fingerprint recognition for iPhone 5S, and few other fixes which you can view here. You can access iOS7.1 via your iPod, iPad and iPhone by going to Settings, General, and then Software Update.

-Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)