Army Of The Pharaohs, God Particle, Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy, Death Reborn The Army has returned and their new album is out on April 22nd. Army of the Pharaohs‘ God Particle features Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy & Celph Titled and is just one of said albums’ singles. The Stu Bangas-produced track is full of hardcore lyricism that some might say the game’s been lacking and it’s accompanying video is stimulating to say the least. Simplicity is key when delivering a serious message. Hip Hop never died, it simply moved underground. Being from Boston (an an avid fan of the indie scene in general), I have been a follower of this crew since I was a little kid. If you came onto this post not yet knowing who the Army Of The Pharaohs were, then God bless you for having the courage to reach outside of your mainstream box. Get ready for a collective of dope, creative, original, down to earth emcees with several messages to be delivered. Watch the full video for God Particle, and be on the lookout for the new album on 4/22 (tracklist below)!

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Army of the Pharaohs – In Death Reborn Tracklist:


1. Curse of the Pharaohs featuring Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Celph Titled, Esoteric & Reef the Lost Cauze (produced by Blastah Beatz)
2. Midnight Burial featuring Reef the Lost Cauze, Crypt the Warchild, Esoteric, Des Devious & Celph Titled (produced by C-Lance)
3. Broken Safeties featuring Apathy, Lawrence Arnell, Vinnie Paz & Celph Titled (produced by Vanderslice)
4. God Particle featuring Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy & Celph Titled (produced by Stu Bangas)
5. Luxor Temple featuring Blacastan, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Esoteric, Celph Titled & Planetary (produced by Paul Nice)
6. Azrael featuring Block McCloud, Reef the Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz & Crypt the Warchild (produced by Frank Grimes)
7. The Demon’s Blade featuring Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Apathy, Blacastan, Planetary & Esoteric (produced by Leaf Dog)
8. See You In Hell featuring Celph Titled, Planetary, Blacastan & Vinnie Paz (produced by C-Lance)
9. Headless Ritual featuring Blacastan, Apathy, Vinnie Paz, King Syze, Zilla & Planetary (produced by Apathy)
10. Visual Camouflage featuring Apathy, Zilla, Vinnie Paz, King Magnetic, Celph Titled, Esoteric (produced by Juan Muteniac)
11. Ninkyo Dantai (Yakuza) featuring Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Blacastan, Apathy, Esoteric & Planetary (produced by Panik)
12. Digital War featuring Celph Titled, Planetary, Blacastan, Esoteric, Apathy, Crypt the Warchild & Vinnie Paz (produced by Lecs Beats)
13. 7th Ghost featuring Reef the Lost Cauze, Doap Nixon, Blacastan, Demoz & Vinnie Paz (produced by Grim Reaperz)
14. Sumerians featuring Vinnie Paz, Blacastan, Apathy, Celph Titled & Esoteric (produced by Frank Grimes)

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM